The Perks of Being a Photographer

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Happy Birthday Mary Poppins! ☁️☔️
On our way back home from Manchester we stopped off for a break in Saltburn on the coast where I found these three boards attached to the promenade!   (at Saltburn beach (y).)
Kind of hooked on this new EP by @troyesivan! Think I’ve listened to it on repeat in the car for at least an hour yesterday 💊 #HappyLittlePill #TRXYE
Had a great extended bank holiday weekend in Manchester and Whitby! Happy to be back home for a few weeks before moving to Leeds! #whitby #abby #goth #graveyard
Amazing view of Whitby from my bedroom! 🏰 (at Whitby Sea Front)
Just realised It’s too early to go to Hogwarts 😓 I’ll have to come back again on the 1st September now!  (at Goathland (Aidensfield/Hogsmeade) Railway Station)
Had a lot of fun at Granada studios in Manchester last night, had to stop off at the Rovers for a quick pint! 🍺
I look so good in this photo! Who thinks I should be a model? These guys were disparate for a photo as soon as they seen me 😂💪😎#Aussiebum  (at Selfridges & Co)
Had a laugh at #ManchsterPride today! 😂🌈☀️ #pride
Can’t believe Big Boo just drove past at Pride 😆🌈 #LeaDeLaria #OITNB #OrangeIsTheNewBlack #ManchesterPride #Pride
Has to be my favourite photo taken in Old Town. As you can see I don’t like vertical drop rides!   (at Old Town)
Pretty happy with today’s events; Passing my Theory test 47/50 and seeing my work exhibited at the #DiscoveryMuseum in #Newcastle! I think I’ll put the lottery on now 👏
It finally came! #ExtendedDiploma @newcastlecollege #Leeds #Distinction
Rubbish night at work but I got to celebrate results with the sixth formers!
Wooohoooo! #LEEDS here I come :D #LeedsCollegeOfArt 💻🎓🎉📷